Majestic Jackets presents Find Us a Manager (Rd3 Blue Group)

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Which TWO of these experienced big league benchjockeys makes your Mets manager shortlist?

John Farrell
Robin Ventura
No votes
Ron Gardenhire
Manny Acta
Sandy Alomar, Jr.
No votes
Red Schoendienst
Total votes : 16

Majestic Jackets presents Find Us a Manager (Rd3 Blue Group)

Postby Edgy MD » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:12 pm

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You're Sandy and you're feeling dandy. You've called in all your friends and gotten yourself a list of all experienced, available MLB managers, and then you ran those names by the Crane Pool, and dammit, but that diminishing group of hardasses has reluctantly helped you narrow the universe down to 12 names.

But you've got to move fast, as some of them aren't exactly in their flower. You divide the list into two groups of six, and look to cross four names off of each.

Pick TWO of these guys to call in for an interview.

MgrAgeTeam(s)YrsFromToWLW-L%TiesG>.500GWpostLpostW-L%postBestFinWrstFinAvRkPlyof AppWSwonPennWonASGMets Connection
John Farrell55TOR, BOS720112017586548.51703811341211.522153.03122From Monmouth Beach, NJ.
Robin Ventura50CHW520122016375435.4630-6081000253.80000Player, 1999-2001.
Ron Gardenhire60MIN132002201410681039.5070292107621.222152.56000Mets minor leaguer, 1979-1986, Mets player, 1981-1985.
Manny Acta49WAS, CLE620072012372518.4180-14689000254.10000Third base coach, infield coach 2005-2006.
Sandy Alomar, Jr.51CLE12012201233.50000600444.00000Mets player, 2007; Mets catching instructor, 2008-2009.
Red Schoendienst95STL14196519901041955.522386199977.500173.52122Played for the New York Giants.
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