Stalker Radar presents Find Us a Manager (R3 Orange Group)

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Which TWO of these experienced skippers do you see as most qualified to captain your ballclub?

Brad Ausmus
Chip Hale
Davey Johnson
Charlie Manuel
Bobby Valentine
Whitey Herzog
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Total votes : 16

Stalker Radar presents Find Us a Manager (R3 Orange Group)

Postby Edgy MD » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:56 am

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You're Sandy Alderson, and you're torn.

You look over the second half of your final 12 managerial candidates and you realize there are two ways forward. Younger guys (relatively younger) may be more potential than experience, but the old guys are old. Will they have the vitality left to run your show, or be able to keep up with current trends.

The Mets assigned you only look at experienced guys to steer you away from having to live or die on a leap of faith. But it's a leap of faith any way it shakes out,
isn't it? It's just a different type of faith. And now you're looking at six guys, four of whom are collecting social security. Who among them can you see managing the Mets on opening day?

Pick TWO and LIVE with the consequences!

MgrAgeTeam(s)YrsFromToWLW-L%TiesG>.500GWpostLpostW-L%postBestFinWrstFinAvRkPlyof AppWSwonPennWonASGMets Connection
Brad Ausmus49DET420142017313331.4860-1864403.000163.31000
Chip Hale53ARI220152016148176.4570-2832400343.50000Third base coach, 2009-2010; interviewed to be manager in 2010-2011 offseason.
Davey Johnson75NYM, CIN, BAL, LAD, WAS171984201313721071.562230124452526.490151.96111Made last out of 1969 World Series for Baltimore; managed and instructed in Mets minor leagues, 1981-1983; managed Mets 1984-1990
Charlie Manuel74CLE, PHI12200020131000826.548017418262922.569141.76122
Bobby Valentine67TEX, NYM, BOS161985201211861165.50402123511311.542273.72011Mets player, 1977-1978; Mets third-base coach, 1983-1985; Mets manager, 1996-2002.
Whitey Herzog86TEX, CAL, KCR, STL181973199012811125.532315624092625.510162.66133Mentored by original Mets manager Casey Stengel; Mets third base coach, 1966; Mets minor league manager, 1967; Mets director of player development, 1967-72.


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