Little Shots Who Keep Shooting: Met-Lovin' Big Shots in 2018

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Little Shots Who Keep Shooting: Met-Lovin' Big Shots in 2018

Postby Edgy MD » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:29 pm

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Hey, is that Jessica Lappin? President of the Downtown Alliance?


Lappin is a Mets fan. Not because she’s “a glutton for punishment” — though she’s a Jets fan, too — but because of her mother. “My mother grew up in Brooklyn and was a Dodgers fan, so there was no way we could root for the Yankees,” she said. In 1999, City Council Speaker Gifford Miller received a baseball signed by Yankee pitcher David Cone, who formerly played for the Mets and briefly rejoined the team before retiring in 2003. Miller gave it to Lappin, who was working as his chief of staff at the time. She was OK with the fact that Cone was a Yankee at the time. “To paraphrase from a famous musical, when you’re a Met you’re a Met all the way,” she said.
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