Gagnon with a Spoon

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Gagnon with a Spoon

Postby Edgy MD » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:47 am

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It went largely ignored at the end of last week, but the Mets did a minor league signing, picking up the pieces of a guy with one of the worst ERAs in the PCL, and calling on the king's men to put him back together. Drew Gagnon's the name. Another former Long Beach State Dirtbag.

His signing is so under-the-wire that we don't even know if it came with a spring training invite! Nobody wants to be the jerk to ask, "Hey, Sandy, will we see Drew Gagnon down in St. Lucie?!"

Drew Gagnon! You probably won't see much of him in New York, but folllow him at @Dgags24!

I'll be your patron saint of heartbreak.

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