Florida Project

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Florida Project

Postby Vic Sage » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:39 pm

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Talk about the emperor's new clothes, this much-lauded little indie is a total bore. As I was subjected to the day-to-day existence of little kids in a welfare motel on the fringe of Disneyworld, I kept waiting for something to happen, but virtually nothing does. It's just an unrelenting portrait of the sad, pathetic lives of these kids, with Willem Dafoe trying to look out for them as the building manager. Dafoe is fine, i guess, and some of the imagery is striking (all this poverty and need living in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom), but its so lacking in plot -- it is comprised of a randomly chosen string of incidents that bears almost no relationship to a narrative -- that i lost interest long before its inevitable conclusion.

Even MOONLIGHT was more compelling, and i hated that too. What the fuck is going on in Florida? It must be where entropy goes to die, so indie-filmmakers are drawn to it like moths to the black velvet painting of a flame.
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Re: Florida Project

Postby bmfc1 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:05 pm

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The 1st hour I wondered what the hell I was watching. I even asked my son if it was a documentary. By the end I was captivated and still can't help thinking of these people and what they represent in America. They are ignored, not counted, under the radar, and putting them in the shadow of Disney World was brilliant. One of my favorite movies of the year.

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