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Featured Archives, June 2005 through May 2007

Postby Benjamin Grimm » Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:06 pm

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The following threads have been flagged as exceptionally noteworthy. They're no longer live in this forum but this table of contents will allow them to still be somewhat easy to find.

June 2005
At the 54 game mark ...
TrIpLe HaPpInEsS
Where Mets Rank 2005
Mets pins
Freak Injury Thread
Quotes of 05 (cont.)
Schaefer POTG standings: April 2005
Heilman's season derailed by a scratch single
TrIpLe CrApPiNeSs
Those Met Commercials - Take 2
The Benson Bunch Lives
Little League
Music Therapy
WATP - Are You Sitting Down?
Baseball News of the Weird
Best Prospects of 2002
Top Crimps in the Plan

July 2005
Sox snag a fan from Mets
John Franco DFA
Stats midway through the season
Galaxy .500
Sad Davey Johnson news
The Victor Zambrano apology thread
Wifey Watch 2
Transaction Quiz
Favorite Shea Stadium Food
Humber in the Dumper
Four-Letter Words
I Hate the Trade Deadline
The Mets Can't Hit For Shit

August 2005
Not Just Viagra ...
All this losing is wonderful
Feeeeelings. Nothing more than feeeeeeeelings
Meet the Me! Meet the Me!
More Four-Letter Words
Caption This ll
Shit-ass game report from an expensive, time-consuming...
Kris Benson's Real Name (Odd Squad Teams)
Short Mets Tall Mets Big Mets Small Mets
Mike Cameron's Hustle (formerly: A*h**s on the Internet)
[ Poll ]6 man rotation
Kansas City Loses 18th Straight
Bill Simmons raves about The Summer of Doc
[ Poll ]Is it Okay to Wear a Glove to a Baseball Game?
Pitching in
Is anyone doing a Mets documentary?
The problem is, gay people are just too damn nice.....
Met Fans Today
Team Temper Tantrum
SAABP - Substance Abusers Anonymous for Baseball Players
Have Mets fans ALWAYS been glass half empty types?
The fucking guy GOT HURT!
You got to feel bad for Zambrano
Piazza done? Could be
Maybe She Called Him Jeff Kent During Sex
Writing a column, need input!

September 2005
I'm George Foster
I'm Ogden Nash
Love the pain.
Say it with me: Looper. Looper.
Mets To Wear Commemorative Turner Field Patch
If you're consoling yourselves
Help a brother out
The Greatest Love of All
Willie: Seo Not Guaranteed 2006 Rotation Spot
What Willie Has Learned This Season
UMDB Suggestion: All-Time opponent Interactive Stats
Mets Offense 2005
Starting a new movement
Five Things I'd like to See in My Boxscores
Me With George Foster
Bring Him Back

October 2005
Mike Piazza Tribute
Big, Stupid Quiz
I just don't know what to do with myself
[ Poll ]What if...Piazza?
Drafting Hubie
What if?
Quintuple Happiness
Drought watch
[ Poll ]Mets Baseball Movie
One Tough Dominican? One Coddled Ballplayer!
Backman turned down by Mets for AA job
Oops I'm Gonna Do It Again
Holy Crap! I did it AGAIN!
Big, Stupid Quiz II

November 2005
Boy Genius Kicks Sox Management, Fans in 'Nads
Questions for Steve Zabriskie
Jacobs is Topps!
Hall of Fame Kwiz
Manny to Mets Rumors Rear Their Hideous Heads . . . Again
World Baseball Classic Thread
Headlines I Don't Expect to See
Night Of Terror Culminates With A ‘Positive’ Result
Manny to the Mets is an AWFUL idea
Memories of Ayako Kisa
Mets Deal Cameron to San Diego
Manny / Sammy
New York Mets season recap, Korean comedy style
Mets Anagrams
[ Poll ]mets get delgado (apparently)
Jesse Orosco's debut
Most Beloved Mets of All Time
[ Poll ]Mets Sign Wagner
[ Poll ]Mets Un-American for Hushing Delgado
[ Poll ]A Very Hot Stove

December 2005
Draw a stadium
Bobby Valentine/Marines Breakout Ex-Met Thread
John Olerud Retires
Questions for Frank Thomas
Jonathan Kozol on Trading for Miguel Tejada
How old is Julio Franco?
Twenty Years
[ Poll ]Most Hated Shortstop in Met History
Mets Get OF Ramirez, Send Him To Minors
David Wright's Internet Chat
Mets Sign Guy
Bad pun riddles
I Met Al Leiter Today
Challenge: Beat my S
[ Poll ]What Happened to Kevin Mitchell's Girlfriend's Cat?

January 2006
[ Poll ]Seo for Sanchez
1979 Yearbook

February 2006
CPF Skills Inventory
Mackey Sasser on HBO
Being Rusty Staub
Rickey to be a Spring Instructor
Mets sign Jose Lima
Being Kevin McReynolds
Pedro, Carlos, Omar ... and Adam
Mets Must Get Manny
Being Grote to the Max
Being Mookie Wilson

March 2006
Bonds Steroid Use In New Book
Glavine Revisited
Trade trackers
Competitiveness and Sport
Al Leiter Retires.
Its Official - Baseball to Investigate Bonds
Put up/ Shut up
Introducing the 2006 Boo-o-Meter (DMPJFL)
The Mets and You

April 2006
I woke up in like this morning
What would your entrance song be?
Value of Defense at Catcher
Its the end...For Shea
Booing Beltran, Split from 4/06 IGT
Cheapskate Wilpon Spends Less in 2006
Banner Day
Archive question
Jose Reyes Deathwatch

May 2006
2006 Mets vs. Met History
The Fascination with Kevin Elster
[ Poll ]Clemens in Blue & Orange?
Yo La Tengo covers Meet the Mets
Met fans and Yankee fans
The Benson Bunch in Trade Rumors
Pelfrey Countdown
Who Made Who?
Get it together, people
pitching for your major league life: JOSE LIMA
After 40 Games - First Quarter Grades
Happy Birthday to a Precocious Five Year Old
Trade Wagner NOW!!!!
Dispatches from the Blogosphere
CPF acronyms
86 DVD Set
Its Milledge Time
Is anyone's initial Soler enthusiasm dampened?

June 2006
Being Jerry Koosman
Slingin' and Swingin'
Being Ronnie Darling
Am I Too Quintessential a Mets Fan?
Strange Photos of Folks in Mets Caps
Lastings Milledge Aside
Feds Investigate David Ortiz
Been a fan since 1996!
The Power of the Ultimate
[ Poll ]Who Has Been the Most Pleasant Surprise?
The Sign Man Lives
Let the Kids Speak Cliches or Speak Their Minds?
Being Doc Gooden
Boston on Booing
Scoring the Game
What's the Norm?

July 2006
To B Or Not To D
Lost Seasons from the Era of Questionable Training.
ReWrighting Third Base History
David meets Dave
Being Tom Seaver
Wright now shilling for a Billy Graham wannabe?
Start Your Own Rumor
Weekend Question - If You Owned the Mets
What's all the booing about?
Media - Clueless or Brilliant?
How baseball cards lost their luster
Passing the Hat for Endy
And Then There Were Five
Baseball Alive and Well in a Small Venue.
Sanchez Out for Year? FOX Sports is reporting
Nady traded for Hernandez and Oliver Perez

August 2006
Reyes Signs Contract Extension
Remembering Bob Murphy
Phillies 11 back 1964 in reserve?
I'm old school...
Post Killed
8th Inning Sing-Along
'86 yo
Glavine has coldness in finger
Fifty Missing Aspects
Mets get Shawn Green
Web Gems
Questions About Going to Shea

September 2006
The Last Time the Mets Were in First Place on Sept. 1st
Beltran X-Rays Negative; Diagnosed as wuss
Tides Deathwatch
Goose Eggs
Home Run Apple History
Thank You
Mets Win! A Photo Essay
The Wild Celebration

October 2006
Mets MVP voting
Dodgers in 4 See ya Next Year
Breaking News on the East Side
Z's Post Season Baseball Card Mets Tribute Thread
The Defeat of Ham
Mazzilli's head rolls
Where do i find a current list of top Met prospects?

November 2006
They are even invading my dreams...
Wright & Reyes - GQ Men of the Year
After the horses have left the barn

December 2006
Oliver wanted more
Santa Time
Mets Prospect Rankings
Where was Murphy born?

January 2007
Boudreaux D. Nutria
Minor League Affiliates
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk...

February 2007
Washington Park
David Wright: He's a Swell One, You Betcha
When Shea Became a Dump
Time to Come Clean
Mets Cookbook

March 2007
How bad was our namesake?
[ Poll ]Decision 07
Wilbur Huckle (Split from How Bad Was Our Namesake?...
So THAT's why nobody goes to Braves games...
Holy crap, Rich Becker

April 2007
Mets, 1 to 700
Why I'm rooting for the Braves
Ed K. removed for a runner 121 times!
Win Predictor Fun
New Who's on First? routine
Le Grande Orange
Pelfrey or Die
Unbreakable trivia
Let's see your Willie!

May 2007
Of the Month
Freaks of the Mets' System
Lefty, righty, dudn't matter

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