Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) TMonk over G-Fafif

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Oh God No!/Frank Tanana/The Beach Boys: Kokomo
Tom's Horror/Tom Glavine/Rush: Tom Sawyer
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Re: Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) *POLL ENDED*

Postby batmagadanleadoff » Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:55 pm

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This matchup set the CPKC record for most votes received by the eliminated contestant.

Re: Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) TMOnk over G-Fafif

Postby TransMonk » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:40 am

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4) Jerry Koosman, SP, RP, 1967-1978

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I have to admit, G-FAFIF...when this thread started, I thought I was toast. Great work!
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Re: Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) TMOnk over G-Fafif

Postby G-Fafif » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:14 pm

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Marvelous craftsmanship, Mr. Monk. Parodistic hat tipped.

To address a few notes...

Latino ballplayer names fit nicely into Caribbean island names.

Don't they though?

I think "Oh God No!" loses points for not really being about Tanana.

Valid observation, but in my mind, "Tanana" = "1993," so bundling the player into the season was an organic occurrence, as opposed to "cripes, I don't know what to say specifically about this guy" (there were seven other evocative lefties available, had that been the case). I decided having Frank float through the composition was sufficient for it to be enough of a Tanana parody, per se.

Kokomo is well played but gosh that song is annoying. A bugaboo of mine.

I hated "Kokomo" when it was all over the airwaves in 1988 and I don't like it now. Somehow in my thought process, I went from "Tanana" to "Banana" to "Banana Boat Song" to "anything else like that?" to "uh...'Kokomo' maybe" and it took off from there. Extracting some utility out of a No. 1 hit that irritated me endlessly a quarter-of-a-century ago will do as my consolation prize (both it and "Tom Sawyer" have been in my head for days). And I do think the mashup of song I detested with team I still brood over made them each a tiny bit more embraceable to me. Not that that was the goal here, but this was one of the few times I can say I had fun with the 1993 Mets.

the straying-from-topic/cataloguing aspect point-penalties

If cataloguing refers to the achievement of finding a spot for every 1993 Met, oh well. I didn't set out to do that, but once the effort got going, I felt it would be a shame to not get every one of the 41 co-conspirators a mention. As it happened, the lyrics site I was using for reference had an extra verse tacked on that wasn't in the recorded version, so by all rights I should've been fading out around the Eddie Murray line. But I didn't realize that until after it was completed and I liked what amounted to the baked-in encore.

One of my blessings and curses as a Mets fan is the ability to fall completely into whatever past season I'm thinking about. While I was doing this, it was 1993 again, which is to say I wasn't plucking names off a roster and thinking "damn...what sort of rhymes with Gozzo, whoever that was?" I was back in 1993, truly aghast at the 103 losses piling up and the men who were doing the piling. I can't call the result a labor of love exactly, but it was sincere in its satire.

Anyway, fine, fine work on Rush and Gl@v!ne and good luck on those seemingly inscrutable semi-final topics.

This has been "Behind The Parody," sans sex, drugs or anything remotely titillating.
“And if anyone tries to tell you it can't be done, remember the Mets. If they can do it, we can do it.”
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Re: Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) TMOnk over G-Fafif

Postby Zvon » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:39 pm

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I didn't realize you got all the 93 Mets in there. That's way kool. I have to throw you some after the fact non-redeemable ghost points.
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Re: Round Two, Game Nine (2013-14 CPKC) TMonk over G-Fafif

Postby Mets Willets Point » Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:10 pm

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G-Fafif gets my vote for best Behind the Parody.
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