PetCo Park - San Diego

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PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby Centerfield » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:25 am

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4) Jerry Koosman, SP, RP, 1967-1978

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Petco is terrific. Another of these new ballparks that makes game-watching an incredible experience. We sat along the left field line and had a perfect view of the action (it's astonishing to me that it took 100 years for architects to start angling the seats toward the pitcher's mound). We walked around the field and there doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. Beautiful views of the Coronado Bridge remind you a bit of PNC.

Where to Stay: the park is in downtown San Diego. If you can stay in the Gaslamp District, it's an easy walk. Area is terrific. We were there when the Dodgers were in town, so it was overrun with LA people, but it's lively and fun.

Before the Game: Get there early. Go visit the park/picnic area. It's great for kids. Plenty of room to throw a ball around before the game. My son brought his glove, but I wish I had brought mine and a ball. How often can you play catch at an MLB game? There is a mini-baseball field where kids play wiffle ball, a picnic area, and lots of other fun activities for the kids. Highly recommend checking it out. Check out the Tony Gwynn statue and practice talking in his voice.

What we ate: Hodad's. It's a burger joint famous in San Diego. I guess it's kinda like their version of Shake Shack. It was ok. Got the bacon burger. The bacon was too crunchy for my taste, but worth trying. The garlic fries were pretty good.

What we drank: Iron Fist IPA. Pretty good. Might have drank a few of these. Had another local brew as well but can't remember what it was.

One thing that is strange about the Padres. They have been so fluid with their colors that it has really diluted the spirit of comraderie between their fans. It's striking when you see waves of LA fans wearing Dodger blue. Meanwhile SD fans wear brown and yellow, navy and silver, navy and orange, camo, desert camo, and brown and orange. Pick a color SD, then stick with it.

My daughter is collecting those ice cream helmets from every stadium we visit. The helmet of choice was brown and yellow.

Re: PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby themetfairy » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:24 pm

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Not only is PetCo a lovely park, but it is head and shoulders better than Jack Murphy Stadium. Metsie connections aside, Jack Murphy was an awful place to watch a game.

We went to Petco in 1994, right after it opened. It sounds like they built up the surrounding neighborhood nicely since our visit.
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Re: PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby Centerfield » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:08 pm

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4) Jerry Koosman, SP, RP, 1967-1978

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Yeah, the only thing that sucks is the name.

Suggested names that are way better:

1. Jack Murphy Stadium II
2. The Place Where Bartolo Went Deep Stadium

Re: PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby A Boy Named Seo » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:15 pm

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A Boy Named Seo
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Great review. Totally love this park, and was lucky enough to witness the Bartolo homer and the David Wright barehanded catch live there.

It's so open and wide and comfortable. Leaving the old warehouse up that frames the stadium on the left field side is cool looking (if not a tiny bit of contrived old-timeyness). Views in any direction at this park are pretty wonderful. The only thing dreadfully boring about the stadium is the home team.
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Re: PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby Ceetar » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:19 am

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I've been to San Diego twice (I think, why do I think it's three? where is my brain) the first time in 2006 and the second

yes, it was three!

2006, 2009, and 2011. (2011 feels like it was like last year, I only remember when it was by looking up a beer I've only had once, on that trip, on Untappd)

2006 it was still pretty dumpy, but by 2011 it was pretty nicely built up around the park, with breweries and restaurants. Hope for Citi. I managed to never see a game. toured in 2006 but went to Tijuana instead of a game. 2009 the Padres weren't home when I was there. (for a really ridiculous start-up interview) and in 2011 was there for a conference with my wife in early October so season over. But you can see into the park from the outside and that little league field and sandbox and all that.

There are now huge skyscrapers which I imagine can see into the park. The gaslight district is fun, good eats. There's always good beer somewhere close, or you could take a ride up to Stone's World Bistro (something I highly recommend).
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Re: PetCo Park - San Diego

Postby Edgy MD » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:48 pm

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What do you think about building it with a skyscraper gashes into the side of the stadium? Kinda weird, huh?
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